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Month: June 2017 (page 1 of 3)

Dreamcatcher: Posts and podcasts that inspired me this week

Wow, there were so many awesome things to read and listen to this week. It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some things you should definitely check out! Continue reading

The cable company lured me back into its evil grip

I was one of those guys who got the top-tier cable package with something like 800 channels, three premium services, and a DVR with more hard drive capacity than my computer. Continue reading

What costs more: College or daycare? (Trick question)

Can you afford to cash flow a typical state college education today? No 529s, no loans, no grants, no scholarships. Can you afford to send a child to full-time day care?

Your answer should be the same for both. Continue reading

Dreamcatcher: Posts and podcasts that inspired me this week

There were a bunch of great posts and podcasts that got me thinking this week! Here are some of the best: Continue reading

 The homeless man’s gift

The lanky, semi-disheveled guy sifting through the Dumpster caught my eye. “Hey man, don’t suppose you could help me out?” he said half-heartedly. We talked for maybe 10 seconds while I pulled out my wallet and gave him $2.

What he did next truly surprised me.

Continue reading

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