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Breaking in my travel hacking baby shoes

Spend any length of time on personal finance sites and you’re bound to run into stories about using credit card rewards points to travel for significantly less than paying cash. I’ve always wondered how it works and whether it’s really better than my cash-back option. Continue reading

Financial independence would be a terrible thing to happen to me right now

You read that right. The guy with the blog named I Dream of FIRE doesn’t actually want that dream to come true quite yet.


I fear what would happen if I suddenly came into enough money to be set for life. That kind of life change requires a solid plan to work out well, and right now I don’t have that. Continue reading

Dreamcatcher: The posts and podcasts that inspired me this week

Here are the best posts and podcasts that inspired me this week. This week I didn’t have as much time to read, so you’ve got a couple of amazing podcasts and one superb post. Continue reading

A visual look at where all of my money goes

Have you ever thought about where your money ended up, cradle to grave? Not just the money that shows up in your checking account every pay period, but all the employer benefits, the taxes, and the random birthday checks?

I was inspired to create a money map after seeing The Luxe Strategist’s take on the concept (which she borrowed from Budget on a Stick and Apathy Ends). Continue reading

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