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How I got $4,000 in free flights in just six months

I opened my first travel rewards credit card just six months ago with visions of free travel dancing in my head. Although I have yet to take my first points-purchased flight, I already have 10 booked for the next seven months.

How much did that save me? A lot! Continue reading

Lesson learned: Read the fine print

I almost threw the card away. Almost everything I buy seems to come with one, and they’re never worth filling out.

You’ve seen these countless times. They’re postcards for warranty registration or mailing lists or magazines at 98 percent off the newsstand price. They fall out of books and periodicals and catalogs and pretty much anything that comes in a box. Continue reading

Sharing coupons is a simple way to bring a smile to someone’s face

How many times have you walked into a store or restaurant with a whole page of deals out of the weekly mailer, bought your item, handed over the relevant coupon and walked out with a bunch of coupons that will only end up in the recycling bin?

Instead of trashing the rest of those discounts, next time you walk into the store, take what you’re going to use and give the rest away to anyone else in the joint who wants them. Continue reading

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