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Month: March 2018

Guest post: Insider secrets to getting the most out of life insurance

Today’s post is written by Jimmy McMillan, a life insurance expert who specializes is finding affordable coverage for people with heart conditions (like me) who often end up paying more than they should because they don’t know how to find the best provider. I actually met Jimmy on the train from the airport headed to FinCon, and the idea for this post was born then. You can see more of Jimmy’s work at Continue reading

Big announcement: I’m quitting my job to take a mini-retirement

In just five weeks, on my 38th birthday, I will walk away from a job paying close to six figures to start a mini-retirement that could last as long as a year.

Wow, is that a scary and exhilarating sentence to type. Continue reading

The great Uber heist

I admit, I get a little overboard on categorizing our spending sometimes. We use Mint to keep track of all the moving parts of our finances, and I like to go in every couple weeks and review how our spending has been described to make sure it lines up with what it should be.

This is usually a mundane affair. A couple minutes of deciding whether that eatery is fast food or a restaurant, or that superstore purchase was groceries or merchandise, and I’m done. But this time something jumped out at me as absolutely crazy. Continue reading

Glass half-full or half-empty? Maybe the glass is the problem

A glass of water sits on the table. On one side, a pessimist looks intently at the waterline halfway up the glass and proclaims it half-empty. On the other side, the optimist — hands in the air — insists it is half-full.

An engineer walking by overhears the argument and stops to ask what’s going on. Continue reading

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