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How a healthy college 529 account could cost you $10K in taxes – #FinHealthMatters

By the time my oldest stepson started going to college, we had almost two years of tuition socked away in a 529 account. The tax-advantaged education savings plan is a favorite of parents and grandparents alike, and many families start pumping money into them before a child’s first birthday.

Saving for an advanced education is a great idea, especially with the cost of college mirroring or even outpacing the outrageous cost of healthcare in the U.S. over the past two decades. But did you know that 529 plan could cost you money if you’re not careful?

Neither did I, until it was time to do the taxes after my son’s freshman year. Continue reading

5 things new college grads can do to kickstart their career

Today I have a fantastic guest post from J, a twenty-something professional and lover of side hustles. She built a $200,000 net worth and paid off $100,000 debt by 27 years old. Continue reading

What costs more: College or daycare? (Trick question)

Can you afford to cash flow a typical state college education today? No 529s, no loans, no grants, no scholarships. Can you afford to send a child to full-time day care?

Your answer should be the same for both. Continue reading

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