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9 things I wish I’d done differently in my financial past

Many of us have made financial mistakes. I’m certainly no exception.

Mistakes are the currency of experience, and experience is the fertile ground in which better future decisions are based. So while I won’t say it’s all bad … I could have done these things better.

I wish I would have: Continue reading

Update: I finally listened to that advice y’all gave me

Remember  when I asked for your help deciding whether I should cut my losses on some ETFs in my Roth IRA or hang on and wait for a turnaround? Well I finally listened. Continue reading

Don’t pretend your house is an investment

Homeownership has been a key component of The American Dream for generations. Long considered something you’re “supposed to do” when you become an adult, buying a home has an almost mythical allure for millions of people in the U.S.

But is it as brilliant a pure investment — a surefire way to wealth — as many people believe? Continue reading

Is an employee stock purchase plan a good deal?

My wife works for a Silicon Valley mega corp. Recently, her boss was talking up the incredible benefit of the company employee stock purchase plan. He couldn’t understand why people would pass up the chance to buy company stock at a discount.

I had seen The Friendly Russian’s write-up about his company’s killer ESPP, and my wife and I talked about whether that was something we wanted to take advantage of when the enrollment period for her company’s plan came around.

Recently, she got an email outlining the plan and announcing the next open enrollment period. So, I did what any good investor does: math. Continue reading

Scotch Street – My guest post with a smoky twist

Today I’ve got a guest post over on Stock Street, writing for the Scotch Street feature. Basically I had to drink some Scotch and then write a stream of consciousness post about something personal finance related.

I first read Stock Street’s “Scotch Street – Jura Origin” post and liked the idea. I offered to guest post, and my offer was accepted. I decided to tell the twisted tale of my very few individual stock purchases: one not so good, one pretty good and one exceptional. Head on over and see what I write when I get a few drams of Bowmore Legend in me to loosen up the fingers.

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