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Scotch Street – My guest post with a smoky twist

Today I’ve got a guest post over on Stock Street, writing for the Scotch Street feature. Basically I had to drink some Scotch and then write a stream of consciousness post about something personal finance related.

I first read Stock Street’s “Scotch Street – Jura Origin” post and liked the idea. I offered to guest post, and my offer was accepted. I decided to tell the twisted tale of my very few individual stock purchases: one not so good, one pretty good and one exceptional. Head on over and see what I write when I get a few drams of Bowmore Legend in me to loosen up the fingers.

A visual look at where all of my money goes

Have you ever thought about where your money ended up, cradle to grave? Not just the money that shows up in your checking account every pay period, but all the employer benefits, the taxes, and the random birthday checks?

I was inspired to create a money map after seeing The Luxe Strategist’s take on the concept (which she borrowed from Budget on a Stick and Apathy Ends). Continue reading

I’m probably making a stupid money decision, and I need your help (updated)

Do as I say, and not as I do.

Today, I’m going to confess to a bit of ongoing financial stupidity that I’m fully aware goes against multiple best practices. Continue reading

No one is looking out for your money but you

I had a guy. At least, on paper I had a guy. That’s what you need, right? A financial advisor. Money gets taken out of your account every month, goes into the money-making market machine in the way your guy determined was best for you and BOOM, one day you can retire. Living the new American Dream. I probably should have put some emphasis on “Dream.”

I was living the “dream” back in August 2014 Continue reading

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