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9 things I wish I’d done differently in my financial past

Many of us have made financial mistakes. I’m certainly no exception.

Mistakes are the currency of experience, and experience is the fertile ground in which better future decisions are based. So while I won’t say it’s all bad … I could have done these things better.

I wish I would have: Continue reading

Uncover your financial values with this simple exercise

People often think of money as the goal — what we’re all after that will make our lives easier or better. But money is just the concept by which we measure the value of something. It is only a proxy for something else.

What is that something else? Continue reading

My top tips for getting out of debt

I’ve started doing some pro bono calls to help people in debt understand their finances better and make a plan to put their debt behind them.

In just the few calls I’ve had, I’ve been surprised how many different ways there are to accrue debt that aren’t just the stereotypical splurging on consumer goods. Debt is a complex animal, and it burrows in, lunges out and breeds in unique ways for each family and situation.

There are, however, some universal suggestions to help anyone in debt move toward a better situation. Here are my top tips. Continue reading

The credit card superpowers you probably forgot about

Do you know your credit card’s superpowers?

Oh sure, you probably know about fraud protection and cash back or travel rewards.

But did you know your credit card can reimburse you for something that was damaged, stolen or (possibly) just lost? Or that you automatically get an extended warranty beyond most manufacturer warranties just by purchasing something with your card? Continue reading

Desire paths: The unconventional way to live your life

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be J. Money’s guest today at Budgets Are Sexy.

Regular readers of my Dreamcatcher posts may have seen way back in July, when I said “there was something in this particular [99% Invisible] episode that sparked an idea for a future post — several actually. I most enjoy when I can synthesize an idea from one field with a concept from another, and that’s what happened here. Now I just have to get around to writing the post about it!” Continue reading

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