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A lesson learned through credit card fraud

I was halfway between home and our weekend getaway destination in Idaho when I got the email from Chase Fraud Alert.

“Action needed: Please confirm you made this purchase.”

The business description wasn’t obvious, but I knew I hadn’t actually used the card in question this month. I’m working on the minimum spend for a different card.

Crap. Continue reading

How to find the best credit card for you

There are hundreds of credit card options out there, and deciding which one to choose can be a tough task. There is no one best card. It’s all about picking the right credit card for your financial situation.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to what you should look for based on your goals, habits and finances. Continue reading

9 things I wish I’d done differently in my financial past

Many of us have made financial mistakes. I’m certainly no exception.

Mistakes are the currency of experience, and experience is the fertile ground in which better future decisions are based. So while I won’t say it’s all bad … I could have done these things better.

I wish I would have: Continue reading

All-inclusive vs. cruising: How they compare

I recently spent a week at the all-inclusive Villa Del Palmar resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — my first time staying at an all-inclusive.

There was much lounging, much swimming, much food and much drink. Also, being closer to the equator must do something strange to the body, because my scale doesn’t seem to be working like it did before I left.

Since I’m an experienced cruiser and a novice all-inclusiver, I thought I would compare the two for people who have only done one or neither.

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We just took a 5-day Carnival cruise – Here’s what it cost

This time last week I was sitting aboard the Carnival Imagination cruise ship, probably sipping a pina colada and wondering whether my daughter would ever actually get out of the hot tub. (For the record, she eventually did, but not without intense negotiation bordering on fisticuffs.)

My wife, daughter and I took a five-day cruise in part to mark the start of my mini-retirement, but mostly because we really like cruises and it had been a year since our last. We decided to see if we could keep the expenses in check but still have loads of fun. I am, after all, not bringing in a steady paycheck anymore.

Here’s a look at what the whole trip cost us, and what we might do differently the next time around. If you’re new to cruising, there are several tips at the end you’ll definitely want to read!

(We’ve also spent a week at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. See how they compare here.) Continue reading

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