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What I learned from a home energy audit

I consider myself rather energy conscious around the house.

Nearly every lightbulb in the house is an LED. I close air vents in unused rooms. We keep doors and windows open early in the day to cool the house, then close them as the outside temperature climbs to reduce our air conditioning use.

There’s always more to consider, so I was thrilled when my gas company called to offer a free home energy audit, where an expert would go through my home and look for ways to reduce our energy consumption. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading

16 ways to lower fall energy bills

Here are 16 things you can do as fall approaches to save energy (and money) over the chilly season. Many of these are free or inexpensive, while others will more than pay for themselves over time. Continue reading

The cable company lured me back into its evil grip

I was one of those guys who got the top-tier cable package with something like 800 channels, three premium services, and a DVR with more hard drive capacity than my computer. Continue reading

To repair or replace an aging air conditioner

A broken air conditioner is like a medical emergency: unexpected, urgent and costly. If your air conditioner is older, you’ve got a tough decision: to repair or replace. Unfortunately, I just went through this.
Continue reading

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