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The ‘Waiting to Enact Our FIRE Plans’ Lego Christmas music video

After the incredible response to last year’s “12 Days of FI Christmas” Lego music video, I couldn’t pass up the chance to put out a new holiday ditty.

For 2018, a whole new cast of 20 (!!!!) Lego-fied personal finance bloggers takes to the screen in “Waiting to Enact Our FIRE Plans,” a send-up of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”

The talented My Sons Father created and photographed most of the Lego characters again this year, and Joel from FI180 wrote an amazing musical arrangement and sang those silky smooth vocals. I wrote the lyrics and storyline and put the video together. Continue reading

The 12 Days of FI Christmas music video

As far as I’m concerned, the original “12 Days of Christmas” is for the birds. I’ve got nothing against 12 drummers drumming, but what am I going to do with seven swans, six geese, four calling birds, a trio of French hens, a pair of turtle doves and a partridge?

That’s why I’m so freakin’ excited to share this video with you. This is the 12 days of Christmas gifts as they should be for anyone serious about seeking financial independence. We’re talking passive income, assets, money smarts and good habits. Because outside of the five golden rings, that original song was just a money pit delaying your financial freedom.

Join me, Budget Epicurean and My Sons Father as we imagine a more profitable “12 Days of FI Christmas” gifted by some of the most recognizable (Lego) faces in the personal finance blog space. Continue reading

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