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Dreamcatcher: Posts and podcasts that inspired me this week

Welcome to the Dreamcatcher, where I share the things that inspired me in some way in the past week. I’m playing catchup on my podcasts, so I’ll skip on the three-week-old audio links. But there are some great articles I’m happy to share. 

The story of two bears – Montana Money Adventures

Jillian is just an amazing person. Her story about the two Black Friday bears she bought for $10 each at Target, her thought process around donating them, and where they ended up is touching. The message is spot on: Every little bit of kindness counts, and it may count even more than you can imagine.

The White Envelope – Becoming Minimalist

Speaking of kindness, here’s another awesome story about the power of giving. Every Christmas, this family opens the plain white envelope on the tree last, to learn what the best gift of the year was. Do you have a yearly tradition like this? Would you like to start one?

What if I don’t go back to work? – Retire Before Dad

Retire Before Dad is “between jobs,” in that he’s out of his previous job and plans to get back into a regular 9-to-5 at some point. But right now, he’s got enough savings and passive income to explore the self-employed lifestyle. In this honest exploration, he looks as what’s good about that scenario and what’s not so good, as well as the things that will likely pull him back into a corporate job. It’s a good frame of reference for someone who is thinking about taking a break from work or thinking the self-employed route is all puppies and rainbows.

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  1. Jillian

    Thanks so much for sharing! Small acts of kindness might make all the difference to someone. =)

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