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Dreamcatcher: Posts and podcasts that inspired me this week

Wow, there were so many awesome things to read and listen to this week. It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some things you should definitely check out!

Here’s how various “Best Stocks of 2016” list performed last year – Four Pillar Freedom

I love this. When you talk about how index funds are where it’s at and picking individual stocks is a losing game even for professionals, I don’t think everyone really gets it. But then you go and dig up how all these hot stock picks performed, long after the people who picked them are paying any attention. Yes, some of those stocks did amazing, but then others flopped like a fish and the whole bunch did worse overall than if you just stuck your  money in Vanguard’s index fund and went about your business. You better believe I bookmarked this one.

The subjectivity of wealth, or: Don’t tell me what’s expensive – Bitches Get Riches

 Sometimes it’s good to have someone remind you that not everyone has the same opportunities you have, or the same advantages in their life that have helped you in yours. BGR brings it all home with some great examples of what it sounds like when people just plain forget that it’s not so easy for everyone.

The backdoor junior IRA – Freedom is Groovy

I’ve often heard people with their own business can hire their young kids for the purpose of starting an IRA. Getting an extra decade-plus of compounding is the kind of thing that could change not just one person but generations. I’ve just never seen someone lay it out so beautifully before. This is an older post, but one that’s new to me (a certified, pre-published blog post, if you will). I’m kind of tempted to explore this option myself. Anyone done this, or similarly intrigued?

Why we sent our baby to China – Frugal Asian Finance

I mean, wow. Mrs. and Mr. FAF had to make a monumental decision about their life situation, and Mrs. FAF breaks it down in incredible detail. I can’t even imagine this scenario for me, but the way she brings it to life just hits home. This is so much deeper than most personal finance stories go, but in many ways it’s the quintessential PF story. It’s making sacrifices today for a better future. But rarely are the consequences so high. Thanks to the FAF family for sharing such a personal story with the community.

 Get me out of this crappy job!, with Jenny Blake, author of Pivot – Afford Anything podcast

I’m feeling like a wandering soul at work right now. Not unhappy, but not fulfilled. There’s something better out there, but I have no clue what it is or where to look. Paula Pant basically describes where I’m at right in the opening, and then suggests that Jenny Blake can help me with that. Throughout the podcast, Blake talks about the principles in her book, “Pivot: The only move that matters is your next one,” and I have to say it sounds like a much better path than my current one of shrugging my shoulders and waiting for something to happen. I just got the book in my hot little hands last night, so I’m excited to dig in and see what happens.

3 sure ways to know if you are getting enough sleep – Miss Millenia Magazine

I appreciate sleep. I find I need at least seven hours, but more like eight, to be what I consider “functional.” Less than that and my body fights me every way it can. Personally, I track my sleep with a Garmin Vivosmart HR (affiliate link, if you’re interested and want to throw me a bone). I can tell the amount and quality of sleep I get, which helps me figure out whether I’m dragging from lack of shut eye or if something else is going on. If anyone else tracks their sleep, how does your deep vs. light sleep compare? I’m usually about 50/50, which I think might actually be a little more deep sleep than expected. I would love to have some comparison!


  1. Mr. Groovy

    Thank you for including me in your favorites this week! I’m happy my idea inspired you. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who’s done it. It takes a lot of jumping through hoops to make it happen.

    • I Dream of FIRE

      I’ve mentioned it to several people who already have their own businesses. I’d previously heard it suggested that if you do advertising you can just use your kids as the models in the advertising and pay them that way. Then it’s totally on the up and up. I haven’t heard anyone do it either, though. If only we knew any child actors on W-2 incomes …

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