Welcome to the Dreamcatcher, where I share the posts and podcasts inspired me in some way this week. 

Phil Keoghan: The magic of bucket lists and amazing races – Tim Ferriss Podcast

There’s so much wisdom in the stories Phil Keoghan tells. Seriously, from his thoughts on why we should celebrate attempts as much as success, to his great parenting advice, or his thoughts on journaling (which inspired me to write this post and start journaling myself) — Phil hits you with nuggets at nearly every turn. This one has, like many podcasts, been sitting on my iPod for months. It’s one I’ll probably listen to again to really absorb the lessons.

Deciding against a normal life – Ellie Mondelli

Ellie paints a beautiful picture of the drive she makes to work each day. It’s so vivid you can put yourself in the passenger seat, riding the same roads, seeing the same sights. Many people take such a lovely drive for granted — the path from A to B, from home to office. She appreciates the little things along the way. The things others may not notice; the small joys that are all around us if only we can stop to recognize them. Ellie enjoys the drive more than the destination. Maybe that’s the biggest lesson of all.

15 essential home budget hacks to save you $1000s – Atypical Life

 Earlier this week I posted my own list of ways to trim your utility bills in the cooler months. Turns out there are some I missed! I especially liked the first tip, to get a Kill-a-Watt meter to figure out what is sucking the most energy. I actually have one of those, and I used it to check for phantom power usage in my old house. I haven’t done it in the new house, but it probably wouldn’t hurt! I also appreciate the tip to do laundry in warm or cold water instead of hot. I use hot for whites, but cold for everything else. It actually seems to keep the clothes in better shape longer, and I don’t have to worry about colors mixing. That’s a great tip I totally spaced. Check out the post for the rest. There are some of the same tips I had, but several that are different.