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Why Bitcoin is stupid – Mr. Money Mustache

Unless you’ve been living in a complete media blackout, you’ve no doubt heard about the new investment rage: Bitcoin. Or, more generally, cryptocurrency. People are tripping over themselves to buy up cryptocurrency alongside their tried-and-true asset classes — or maybe instead of them. I have a lot of concern about this. Similar to the dot-com boom (and subsequent bust) in the early 2000s, you have millions of dollars being poured into an investment that people really don’t understand simply because they’re being told it’ll make them rich and they have to get in while the getting is good. Listen, if you want to dabble in crypto for entertainment purposes, I’m fine with that. But treat it like you would a night in Vegas — unless you’re a degenerate gambler, in which case don’t turn on CNBC! When this bubble bursts, it’ll be quick, and I really hope there aren’t a whole bunch of good, hard-working people who followed the pied pipers only to discover they weren’t going swimming in a pool of gold (Bit)coins and now they can’t pay their mortgage.

2017 year in review – Minafi

Adam moved to Salt Lake City about a month ago, which is about a month after I met him at FinCon. To say he’s had a whirlwind year would be an understatement, and he does a fantastic job of breaking it all down (complete with amazing pictures) in this post. The saying goes you’re the average of the five people you spend time around. If I want to get more stuff done this year, I think I need to spend some more time around Adam!

Design Your Future – with Dominick Quartuccio – ChooseFI podcast

I already cited this post in an August Dreamcatcher, but I found myself wanting to listen to it again because there was so much good stuff in there. I wasn’t disappointed. Dominick Quartuccio’s words paint a picture of me in my current place professionally that is just uncanny. Plans are being hatched. I put in a hold for his book from my local library. I’m looking forward to reading it soon.