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Dreamcatcher: Posts and podcasts that inspired me this week

Welcome to the Dreamcatcher, the posts and podcasts — and today even a video — that inspired me this week.

$10 can be life changing – Ms. Liz Money Matters

 How much do “regular people” need to save over a typical working career to have $1 million at retirement? According to Liz, just $10 a day adjusted for inflation over the years and you can hit the mark. $10 a day seems like a much more approachable way to start a conversation about saving than just saying you’re going to need a million bucks. Of course, Liz goes through the caveats and what have you, so be sure to check out the full post.

I talked to an IRS scammer … and this is what happened – Vow of Practicality

 There’s so much to love here. I’ve gotten so many of these scam “IRS” calls. I usually just let them go to voicemail and delete them, but C.J. decided to have some fun and play along for awhile. Of course there’s plenty of value in just exposing the next layer of this fraud, but there’s even more entertainment value. I get to live vicariously through the experience of pissing off these scammers … again, and again, and again. See if this doesn’t bring a smile to your face!

Why don’t women feel welcome in money conversations? – The Fairer Cents podcast

 The Fairer Cents is a new podcast on the scene, but hosts Tanja (Our Next Life) and Kara (BravelyGo) are respected veterans in the personal finance space. This podcast aims to bring more women into the financial sphere and raise awareness of womens issues as they relate to finance. The first episode definitely plants a flag to show how The Fairer Cents will differentiate itself from other podcasts. While the approach is intended to appeal to women, there’s bound to be conversations that men should (must?) hear, too. I’m looking forward to seeing how the content evolves as Kara and Tanja, who already have an excellent on-air rapport, settle into their vision.

Personal finance win at work – Slowly Sipping Coffee

 Jay shares a tale of success in finally convincing a co-worker to actively manage their money. You don’t get to be a personal finance blogger without being passionate about talking about this stuff, and often that means having at least some money conversations with your coworkers. Of course, being a co-worker and being a blogger are very different hats, so you never want to be too pushy and cross the line with your colleagues. But Jay shares a big win that was some time in the making. It gives me hope some of my co-workers might take to heart some of the conversations we’ve had, too.





  1. Mr. SSC

    Thanks for the link! I was surprised as anyone that my mentee not only wanted my advice, finally, but also made some great changes in the 401k and other funds. It pays to be a pest sometimes. ?

  2. C.J. Cato @ The Vow of Practicality

    Thanks so much for posting. If this keeps one person from being scammed by the FAKE IRS… or at the very least makes one person laugh at the ridiculous conversation… it makes me happy.

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