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FI-ku: Money wisdom in the form of haiku

Today I offer something a little different. A post of FI-inspired haikus — FI-kus, if you will — as part of a multi-blog effort spearheaded by Crispy Doc.

A penny saved is
twenty-one pennies earned through
compounding interest



“The Old Woman in
the Shoe,” or, “House Hacking for
the very frugal”

Vanguard founder Jack Bogle

American Funds?
I believe it’s safe to say
that you don’t know Jack

“Save me!” The dollar
said. “No,” I said. / “Save me!” I
begged. But it was gone.

“Lifestyles of the
Rich and Famous” is not a
how-to manual

Why is everyone
so scared of seeing little
green men? I love them!

If you want to be
truly rich, there is one thing
you must have: Enough

Fi-kus and other FI-related poetry from the other participants can be found here:


  1. My Sons Father

    These are great! I love that you coupled pictures with them. The last 2 are my favorites, but they are all really solid offerings.

  2. Crispy Doc

    Appreciate the visuals and the humor. You had me at little green men!
    Enjoyed reading your contribution to creativity for its own sake!

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