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Sharing coupons is a simple way to bring a smile to someone’s face

How many times have you walked into a store or restaurant with a whole page of deals out of the weekly mailer, bought your item, handed over the relevant coupon and walked out with a bunch of coupons that will only end up in the recycling bin?

Instead of trashing the rest of those discounts, next time you walk into the store, take what you’re going to use and give the rest away to anyone else in the joint who wants them.

I went to a fast food restaurant yesterday armed with a huge sheet of 24 coupons that came in the mail. They were good all month long, but I only make it to this particular restaurant once every couple of months, so I wasn’t going to use all of them. I made my purchase, used one of the coupons and stepped aside for the next person to order.

The man and his parents were ordering quite a bit of food, and I noticed no one was holding the same coupon sheet I had. So I walked over, handed him the rest of the coupons and told him I wasn’t going to use them, so if he could all the better. He ended up using four of them, getting more food for less money than if they had just ordered without any discount. He got a big smile on his face and thanked me.

He was happy to save some money, and I was happy to see him save some money and to do something with those coupons I would have otherwise recycled.

You can help someone out by handing them coupons directly, or you can just put one next to the items in the store where people buying that item could find the coupon.

If you really want to have fun, you can use buy-one, get-one coupons in the store and then give someone else the freebie. That works great for things like coffees in the donut shop or dessert in fast food places.

It’s a really simple way to brighten someone’s day, and it won’t cost you anything!


  1. [HCF]

    This is a very kind gesture and a great idea. Thanks for sharing, this story made me smile 🙂

  2. Karen Eidson

    What a great idea! I have not thought of doing that but it is such a nice thing to do for a stranger.

    • I Dream of FIRE

      Thanks, Karen! It’s surprising how much people really appreciate such a simple gesture.

  3. Karen

    Absolutely a beautiful gesture. And appreciated for sure by the families or people you help save some money for at purchase time. Another thing I do is at Kroger you would not believe how many people dont have a Kroger card. Last fall a young guy and gal where inline in front of me and had purchased some items (houseware section on clearence) did not even know they where on sale rang out and the cashier said please enter your Kroger number or give me your card. Asked them to get a card they said no.
    They did not have one, i stepped up and said watch what you are going to save entered my number and they saved 34 dollars! Allmost 40 percent of total purchase. Then I shared gas point program with them and how it worked for savings. Amazing how many just walk past free money, these kids where young and just getting started, I am willing to bet one of the two has a Kroger card now, they where happy that day to save 34 dollars.

    • I Dream of FIRE

      Oooh, that’s a good point! Way to look out for someone!

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