The ‘Waiting to Enact Our FIRE Plans’ Lego Christmas music video

After the incredible response to last year’s “12 Days of FI Christmas” Lego music video, I couldn’t pass up the chance to put out a new holiday ditty.

For 2018, a whole new cast of 20 (!!!!) Lego-fied personal finance bloggers takes to the screen in “Waiting to Enact Our FIRE Plans,” a send-up of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”

The talented My Sons Father created and photographed most of the Lego characters again this year, and Joel from FI180 wrote an amazing musical arrangement and sang those silky smooth vocals. I wrote the lyrics and storyline and put the video together.

If you enjoy this year’s video, let me know in the comments or on Twitter. And be sure to visit my awesome co-collaborators, too!

Visit the real personal finance personalities at their websites (in order of appearance)

Fritz Gilbert – The Retirement Manifesto
Amy Blacklock – Life Zemplified
Mr. and Mrs. Groovy – Freedom Is Groovy
Chad Carson – Coach Carson
Scott Trench – Bigger Pockets
Joe Saul-Sehy and O.G. – Stacking Benjamins
Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa – ChooseFI
Jim – Route to Retire
Mr. SSC – Slowly Sipping Coffee
Adam Fortuna – Minafi
Paula Pant – Afford Anything
Suze Orman – Suze Orman
Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge – Our Next Life
Steve and Courtney Adcock – Think Save Retire and A Streamin’ Life
Mr. and Mrs. WOW – Waffles on Wednesday

Also, special thanks to Claudia at Two Cup House for letting me hijack her FinCon flamingo photo even though she isn’t in the video.

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  1. Wow, from last place to first place, in one year! I’m honored to kickoff the 2018 Christmas Show!! One question – can I add “MC” to my resume now? Oh wait, I don’t need a resume anymore, I’m retired!! Thanks for the laughs, actually had me LOL watching this one. You guys are awesome, thanks for treating the entire community to your annual tradition.

  2. Great job once again!

    I had to watch twice. Once to read the captions and again to hear Joel’s lyrics. Best wishes to all who will be enacting their FIRE plans in 2019, a list that includes me.