Many of you may already be familiar with Rockstar Finance, the aggregator site of all that is awesome in personal finance blogs. Every day, Rockstar posts three of the best recent articles from more than 1,000 blogs and shares them with the world.

Right now there’s also a friendly contest going on, the Rockstar Rumble, where they’re also posting eight of the best personal finance pieces from 2017 each day. The posts are pitted against each other March Madness-style, and the post with the most votes in 48 hours moves on to the next round in the bracket.

Today, I Dream of FIRE’s The Highly Effective Money Management Matrix is up against Financial Samurai‘s Your Chances of Becoming a Millionaire by Age, Race, and Education. That’s stiff competition.

While I would be totally honored to win, it would mean even more to me to turn people who haven’t heard of the Rumble onto the 128 amazing articles chosen to represent Rockstar’s Best of 2017.

So do yourself a favor and check out today’s lineup right here. Vote for your favorites — even if it is Sam’s awesome post — and check out the rest of the competition over the next few weeks. That way, everyone wins!